Short stories

  “This Could Get Messy”

Winner: Best Story (Judges’ story) – National Arts Festival.Short.Sharp.Stories Award

‘A simply wonderful story about love… Funny, with its twists and turns, chuckles and sadness.’

Die Laughing


“Nixon in China”

Woman&Home, August, 2016

nixon in China W&H.jpg


‘A kind of centrepiece to the collection, and a very different kind of crime story, is “Mapping the Interior”, by duo Greg Lazarus. Gothic in content and mood, this tale of wrongdoings in the 18th-century Cape is original, involving and psychologically rich. Another favourite.’ (Jonathan Amid, Litnet)






“Where is the Tenderness?” feast-famine-potluck_ebook-cover_20131122-758x1024

Read story  here:  where-is-the-tenderness
(Feast, Famine & Potluck, 2013, Short Story Day Africa)

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