Five Things I Find Rude

  1. Women who ignore you at a dinner party, because they only want to talk to men. Men who ignore you at a dinner party, because they only want to talk to the prettiest woman.
  2. The way it’s fine to insult the penis, but not the vagina. Calling penises silly or ugly or gross is way more acceptable than levelling insults at the vagina. “It’s not easy to make men’s bits sound sexy,” says this Guardian article about the descriptions of Christian Grey’s manly bits in the latest EL James book. Maybe that just applies to EL James’ writing ability. Yet, there was a huge backlash online after somebody published this strange and rather insulting piece about vaginas. But penises: who is standing up for them? tongue
  3. Strangers who make personal remarks about one’s facial expression. I don’t want to be told to smile. I can’t help it if my natural resting state indicates profound sadness to other people.
  4. Drivers who speed up after you have indicated you want to move into their lane. Okay, why don’t I just continue to Hermanus, if you’re not going to let me get into the right lane to get to my house? It wasn’t my original intention, but, well, there’s a nice – actually, what is nice in Hermanus? – besides making up rude possessive cases with the name of the place: Herm’s you-know-what.
  5. People who refuse to speak loudly enough or have interesting conversations when you are clearly eavesdropping on them. Come on, it’s a public duty to offer some entertainment to eavesdroppers.

What do you find rude?

Here are five things I understand.

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