On Ambivalence

  1. I’ve always struggled with ambivalence. I’m constantly saying things like: ‘Yes, but…’, ‘On the other hand…’.
  2. The world rewards clear thinkers: people who know what they want and how to get there. Ambivalent people tend to be fairly passive, because they are indecisive and so they may feel it is better not to make a decision at all.
  3. In the past, I hardly ever broke up with people. I think ambivalent people struggle to end relationships, although I had less trouble beginning them.
  4. I’m feeling ambivalent about this book I’m reading. I’m loathe to continue with it, but I can’t put it aside either. Currently, I’m mostly using it to kill mosquitoes at night. There are corpses – small black blobs with spidery legs – on the back cover of the book.
  5. I think I’m ambivalent because the serious problems, like death and suffering, can’t be solved. If you can’t solve the big problems, does it make any sense to solve the smaller ones?

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