Why blogs are better than novels

  1. Nobody reads my blog. (I know, I know, nobody reads my novels either, but let’s for the kinkysake of this blog post imagine that they do.) I follow this blog of a woman who has just become a ‘slave’ to her master – whatever that might mean, but it makes for quite a fascinating read. She used to write about her protracted separation from her husband and during this time, she claims she had no readers. Now that she divulges her kinky, weird sexual fetishes, she has a vast following.

But I find my lack of readers refreshing. It’s great to write into a vacuum, liberating, like screaming something in a canyon. Not that I’ve ever done that.

  1. I don’t have to rewrite stuff. Novels are not like that at all. You are constantly rewriting and every single word is minutely examined. It gives me a pain. I’m slap dash, and not a perfectionist. Luckily, my writing partner is neither of those things.

For example, I wrote this blog entry at a red light at the bottom of Dean Street. You just can’t do that with a novel – people will hoot you.

  1. With blogs, you get stats. I love stats. When I did my BA I found that I was mediocre at most things but brilliant at stats. Okay, it was stats for psychologists, and in the land of the blind and all that… psychologists are not known for their mathematical acumen.

You can also keep refreshing your stats. You can even tell yourself that you are working – you are ‘analysing your social media platforms’. Of course, I don’t have any readers, so constantly checking my stats doesn’t yield that much, but it’s more fun to do than writing.

  1. You don’t need be coherent in a blog. Every entry can be about something else. I wrote about my trip to a spiritual lifestyle centre the other day. If you want to build something like that into a novel, it needs to make sense. You’ve got to think about the plot and the characters. Something major needs to happen at the spiritual lifestyle centre. A character needs to have an insight. None of this needs to happen with a blog.
  1. I can get guest bloggers – well, theoretically, I could do that, although so far, nobody has agreed to take up this illustrious task. I asked my writing partner Greg to write something sensible, but he refused, even though he had quite a lot of clever ideas about the way people spoke about spirituality at the lifestyle centre (combining terms used in science, hygiene products and something else I can’t remember). But I will carry on working with him.

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